India Looks Unsinkable After West Indies Win


The Indian skipper guided his team past a potential disaster to a fourth straight victory in the World Cup on Friday

While the Friday match wasn’t on the same nail-biting level as the one between New Zealand and Australia, there were moments when Indian supporters had to ask why their hearts had suddenly appeared in their mouths.

As India’s team looked in danger of drowning, Dhoni came in, buoyed it up and sailed it home.

OK, enough of this Titanic metaphor. Spoiler alert, Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t bat.

The performance wasn’t as emphatic or as meaningful as Dhoni’s innings that won India the World Cup in 2011, but it ensured the team’s unbeaten record continued. It also proved India’s strength in depth.

If anyone underestimated The Men in Blue before this tournament, they should sit up and take notice. This is the form team of the World Cup so far.

It is good for India that this match wasn’t a simple walkover. The team needed a challenge, a tight contest before the serious business of the knockout round commences.

The bowlers, led by Umesh Yadav and Mohammad Shami, provide hope that India’s attack really can compete in the fields of Australia and New Zealand. And while the top batsmen didn’t fire today, it gave the middle order invaluable time at the crease.

India has now beaten the three biggest teams in the group – South Africa, Pakistan and the West Indies – with relative ease.

India has now qualified for the next phase of this World Cup. The form suggests it could go all the way.


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India Looks Unsinkable After West Indies Win

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