Vivaldi Is Quickly Becoming The Alternative Browser


Opera’s former CEO Jón von Tetzchner launched the first preview of its new Chromium-based Vivaldi browser in January. Now in its second technical preview, which adds a boatload of new features, the browser is quickly shaping up to be a worthwhile alternative to Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE — and especially for former Opera users.

Vivaldi unapologetically sees itself as a browser for power users in the vein of Opera’s original ambition (which it watered down over the last few years, according to von Tetzchner). The first preview introduced a couple of neat built-in features like tab stacking, note taking and Quick Commands (its Spotlight-like keyboard commands for the browser). The deal breaker for me at the time was the missing bookmarks bar. Now that the second preview has added this — and a bunch of other new features — Vivaldi is most definitely worth a second look.

Features like – on-demand image loading (which isn’t all that useful to me, but may be worth a shot when you are on a really slow WiFi connection) and Fast Forward and Rewind. With this, Vivaldi will automatically figure out if there is a second page to an article or search results page, for example, and lets you go right there without having to scroll down to the bottom of the site. This works pretty well on sites like Google, Hacker News and even TechCrunch, where there are obvious second pages. On more complex sites, like the New York Times homepage, its choices were a bit more questionable (it first took me to Ask Real Estate and then, maybe to give me a chuckle, to the IE8 Support page). Opera, unsurprisingly, offered a similar feature before its switch to WebKit and Chrome users can try this add-on to see how it works.

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Vivaldi Is Quickly Becoming The Alternative Browser

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