New Dads In Togo Are Guaranteed Something That U.S. Dads Aren’t


This month, women’s rights are in the headlines, as a U.N. conference looks at efforts to bring about gender equality.

So men are the forgotten sex.

Only not entirely. A new UCLA report, which looks at “inequalities in legal rights for women and girls around the world” includes a surprising section – on paid paternity leave.

Currently, 96 countries around the world mandate paid leave for men after a child’s arrival, either through leave specifically designated for fathers or parental leave which women and men can use. Scandinavian and most European countries lead the way. But an increasing number of of lower- and middle- income countries are also passing laws that mandate government-paid paternity leave. Think Gambia, Mauritius, Togo, Laos, Armenia, Azerbejan, Beloruss, Ecuador, Venezuela, Uzbekistan (see map). The number of days offered can range from two on up to 14 weeks and more.

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