Nintendo is finally developing smartphone games



Despite denying it would ever do such a thing, Nintendo will start creating new games for mobile devices via a partnership with developer DeNA.

Nintendo started experimenting with free-to-play games featuring paid downloadable content (DLC) last year

Nintendo dropped an unrelated bombshell about a new “dedicated game platform” codenamed “NX.”

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Nintendo is finally developing smartphone games

Why ResearchKit Is the Most Exciting Thing Apple Announced Yesterday


ResearchKit, the company’s new medical research and health platform, is clearly the technology with the most potential to actually improve people’s lives.

The platform aims to give anyone with an iOS device the opportunity to participate in medical research, join programs that can help them track their symptoms, or share information with their doctors. Like any new technology, it’ll take some time to ramp up, but the eventual uses—and some already in development—have the potential to really help people.

By linking your phone with health institutions and research organizations, the information you log, steps you take, and trials you participate in all go back to the people who designed them—presumably doctors and researchers who are able (and eager) to sift through the information you provide.

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Why ResearchKit Is the Most Exciting Thing Apple Announced Yesterday




Variants :

Apple Watch Sport
(aluminum version)
$349 38mm
$399 42mm

Apple Watch
(steel version)
$549-$1,049 38mm
$599-$1,099 42mm

Apple Watch Edition
(gold version)
$10,000 and up

How does it work

The Apple Watch lies dormant until you lift your wrist, at which point it wakes up to a bubbly-looking homescreen of circular app icons. While you can operate apps with touches and taps (including long taps, as the display can sense force), you can also navigate through menus using the Watch’s “digital crown.” With a twist, you can zoom through screens and menus, or with a press, go back to the watch’s home screen. You can also use the crown to customize the color of the watch’s face. Below the crown is a button you can tap to access contacts you’ve chatted with recently. This “digital touch” communicator lets you send them Snapchat-like pictures and sketches with just a few taps.

Also there is an LED-based heart rate tracker, as well as a wireless inductive charging port that attaches magnetically to its charging cradle.

Number of built-in apps and features for the Apple Watch that were previously announced. Besides Siri, there’s a photo app, which offers a Photostream-like grid of photos you can browse through using the digital crown or a finger swipe.

Third Party Apps

Apple opened up WatchKit to developers late last year, so they’ve had plenty of time to get their offerings in order before the end of April.

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Apple’s latest MacBook isn’t a spec update. It’s not an incremental upgrade. It’s a totally different machine, for a different kind of person. It’s also kind of ridiculous.

First of all, it is incredibly, impossibly thin. I’ve been using a MacBook Air for years, and this 13.1-millimeter, 2-pound device feels like an entirely different category of not-there-ness. It’s amazingly sturdy for being so thin, too. The screen, the 2304 x 1400 display that I wish desperately would have also come to the Air, is lovely. It’s the most important upgrade this device offers, honestly: once you start using a Retina display it’s hard to go back.

In every way, this is a thing of beauty; it’s no wonder Apple spent so much time talking about the engineering behind it. Everything about the MacBook is about beauty, whether it’s the single USB-C port on the left side—the only port on the entire device save for a headphone jack on the right—or the new Gold, Space Gray, and Silver colors. The Gold is actually much more handsome than gaudy, but the Space Gray is my favorite of the options. It’s dark and sleek, fitting for a device that’s so, so very thin.

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Apple is making it easier for schools to put iPads in classrooms


Apple’s dreams of putting iPads in classrooms have run into a number of roadblocks, but one of the biggest is simply the amount of work involved — each slate needs its own account, making it a nightmare if you want to outfit an entire school. That won’t be a problem for much longer, however. Both MacRumors and 9to5Mac have discovered that Apple is ditching the requirement for individual IDs on school-supplied iPads as of this fall. Staff will just have to decide which devices get apps or books, letting teachers focus on the actual education instead of getting things running. They’ll still have plenty of control, so kids can’t load up on games and other distractions unless they get the green light. It’s too soon to know if this will lead to more kids taking home tablets instead of textbooks, but there will at least be fewer barriers to making that happen.

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Apple is making it easier for schools to put iPads in classrooms